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Well it's about time for those of you on FOD, and a summary for the rest of you. On Thursday evening, I received a call from Noel telling me he had broken his femur. This is not abnormal for him, as he has a bone condition and frequently breaks bones, but this was the first time since we had been together that he broke one... He was in Fayetteville but was being transferred to Little Rock. He rang me when he got to LR, and told me he would probably be going in for surgery Friday morning. I didn't sleep much Thursday night worrying about him, and he called Friday morning and they were uncertain about surgery. However, by the time I left to go to the doctor, he knew he was having surgery Saturday morning. We called each other throughout the day on Friday, and by Friday evening, Noel was depressed, and I suspect, a bit scared, and understandably so. I was scared for him but didn't know how to help him. I told him to call me when he went in for surgery Saturday morning, but I was so scared for him I literally sat up all night, not doing anything, just sitting. I don't trust doctors as a general rule and knowing one would be working on someone I loved again didn't make me feel good. He called Saturday morning and told me he was going in. I finally drifted off to sleep to be awoken by M, asking me if I was going down to breakie. I said no and she went and got some for me. Noel's mum called me an hour later and said the surgery went well. They were able to repair some earlier dammage which will greatly improve Noel's life. To say he was emotional was an understatement. I talked to him shortly after surgery and he was very emotional but happy. I sent him flowers and he called me to thank me for them.
He called me today and told me he loved me which made me happy beyond belief. I know this has been tough on him but I think he's so strong, it's simply amazing. I get to see him on the 14th and I'm psyched! Well off to get homework done! Oh yay!



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