Feb. 11th, 2003

Well I had a little flip out just a few minutes ago. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and I think it's been getting worse and worse. Well tonight it got pretty bad. I couldn't focus on anything, and that coupled with some family issues, mainly my sister, well let's just say my mood got really bitchy really fast. I was trying to study and just started to cry. Things were just running around in my head and I couldn't get them to stop. I just kept getting more and more overwhelmed and upset, and it was just a vicious cycle. Finally I decided to stop studying and contacted a 24 hour crisis center, to see what they had to recommend. They gave me some numbers to call in the morning, which is cool and I am feeling a bit better now, but still anxious.
I told the counselor about my visit with Noel in three days, and told her it was the only thing sustaining me, and I can't wait. I so need this break, I need to relax, a little bit anyway. I just wish I could stay there forever, and not come back here.
Well thank goodness for

He has been such a help for me, talking to me, about my anxiety, etc. I am feeling much calmer now. If I don't do well on my exams, I have three exams to redeem myself with. That's my comfort anyway. I have to not put so much pressure on myself. Easier said than done I guess. But we will see how it goes.



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