Feb. 19th, 2003

Well I am back and online. I had a great weekend with Noel and his family. That reminds me, I must write his parents an email in the near future to thank them for the great weekend. Noel and his parents were concerned that I was not having a good time, but truthfully, it was the best weekend I had had in ages. It was so relaxing, and they were and are so friendly! Monday was a painful day, with traveling. All the airports around here were basically messed up because of the snow, and although my traveling experiences weren't bad, they weren't the greatest either.
I am thinking of writing a conference paper for a conference in England. I got the email from a list service I am on for Kent State and it looks fun. I might do it on
* the definition of disability to the well person
* being "Cured."
* transplants.
It would give me some experience, even if I didn't win. The only thing I need to find out now is if I actually have time to do this. I think if I do everything right, I will.
Anyway, better get to bed.
Have three classes today, then of course my physics exam, very scary. I really don't want to go to class, but have been too much of a slacker so off I go. My only consolation is I am done at about three PM and can come home and sleep. I didn't get to bed until three and got up at seven. I feel awake now but my lit class is coming up, very boring!
Off I go.



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