Feb. 22nd, 2003

Well this is exactly what I needed. I was supposed to go to a bus meeting today but I fell twice on ice and couldn't make it. So I just found out that Kent is going to cut their off campus service. This basicallly means I won't have a way to go to doctor's appointments, vet aps, grocery store, etc. Kent has no taxis or anything. They are planning on implementing this in the fall. I think I need to write some editorials. Or move... God, I'm never going to get through uni.
On that note, I really need to get some study done...
OK so what do I need to do? And how to get it accomplished? Well let's see. I am taking Amanda's advice here and breaking things down into managable chunks...
I need to do laundry. I also need to figure out what happened to my scanner software since ResNet didn't bother returning it. However, I can't do that until tomorrow. I need to do research for english and theatre projeccts as well as read literature and finish reading the play for theatre. Need to write the editorial for the paper and work on conference paper? Maybe? I want to know how Chris does that table thingy in his journal... It's probably too complicated for me to figure out however. I did call my dad and wish him a happy Birthday. Go me!



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