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Well another uni day done with. I went to Anthropology where we learned about language and humans, and how humans are the only species to use language. Now as language is defined as a system of symbols, gestures and sounds that initialize communication, I disagree with this comment of the prof from no where. After all, dogs communicate with each other through gestures. If they growl, a sound, then they are irritated with each other. Sniffing of the ass says, "Hi how are you?" She also talked about languageand how she could tell how educated one by the way they spoke. Now I disagree with this comment as well. Many people from SD although they are educated still use the uneducated english. For example, she said the words, ya, thinkin and y'all are uneducated... ok fine... I disagree.
Well Noel was working on getting internet so maybe he will be online soon. I sure hope so, I really think he needs to write in his journal.Last night though, we had a three way conversation with Chris and then included Rebecca as well. I was relieved to note he was sounding a bit more normal last night. We sort of talked last night about his issues with love. He basically had never had a girlfriend before me and didn't know what it was like to be loved in the way I love him. He said he was starting to figure it out now which makes me relieved. I wasn't really worried about it... I mean I didn't worry about it at all, but I must admit, when he said he wasn't sure if he loved me over the last few weeks, a chill crossed me. A chill of fear, because the love I feel for him is so different, and so much more real than the love for past boys. But he needed/needs time to figure it out and that's totally cool with me. I would rather he figure it out for himself, and not feel pressured into a decision. And like I told him, emotions are complicated things.
Well off to order pizza!



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