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Well another day of uni done and I actually made it through all of my classes. In my intro to theatre class, we talked about opera and musical theatre. It was interesting, until the instructor, who was a guest instructor, said, "Does anyone know who Andrea Boceli is?" I did, he's a blind opera singer. I raised my hand and a smattering of other people did too. Then she said, "Do you know what's so extraordinary about him?" Oh he is blind! Someone blurted this out. She said, "Yes, can you imagine trying to learn music when you are blind, that must be sooooooo hard!" Pulease! Someone gag me! Give me a break!
Then I went to literature where the prof just kind of rambles on and on and on... He doesn't really have a schedule, so we don't know when our exams are, very annoying really. I went to child psych, where we talked about birth and newborns. It still amazes me how many college students snicker and outright laugh wnhen people talk about birth, god forbid someone say Vaginal or Vagina in a class, give me a break!! I mean can we grow up please? Then I caught a ride home and took a nap, ah naps are a good thing.Went to dinner which was a boring affair, boring and disgusting, went to physics, and came home and talked to Noel. Poor guy sounds so depressed. What I wouldn't do to take care of him, make me feel better. I am glad he is starting to figure out his feelings for me. He is such a sweet person, I can't believe some other girl didn't scoop him up! Well he's mine!!! And I'm proud of that fact, he's mine he's mine he's mine!!! heheheheheheheheheheheeh I hope he gets a computer tomorrow, or gets it connected to the net rather. I will just have to see how he's doing tomorrow. He talked to my gram with me too. And they seemed to enjoy talking to each other.



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