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Well Valentines Day was a smashing success!! Well OK, it had its down moments, like not getting my luggage until this morning, and of course that five minutes of panick when I got off the plane, but other than that things went really well! I'll start off by telling you all about my day.
Got up and wandered to class. I was so tired it wasn't funny but such as life. Then came back and waited for the shuttle which took me to the airport. I had the most fascinating driver. His name was Don and he was the one who drove me to Kent in the first place. Don was one of those people who had been everywhere! All the way to the airport, he told me stories of when he lived in LA and New Mexico, Utah and Ohio. He had gone everywhere, met everyone, and done everything. It was sure a fascinating half an hour in the car. I think I will request him especially next time.
I got to the airport and is it me or do the airline people just get snippier and snippier. I mean they weren't rude or anything, just short, but oh well. On my first flight, I didn't sit next to anyone, but on the second flight, I sat next to a kid who couldn't have been more than 13 years old. He and his team mates and coach were all going to a tae kwando training thingy in Little Rock. It was amazing that this kid flew so far to train, just to train! His coach told me proudly that the kid had gone to Scotland when he was 11, and Canada when he was 12, and now this year he would be going to Miami. The kid seemed a little nervous, but Betty seemed to comfort him quite a bit.
I got to the airport and had about five minutes where panick filled me. I hated to think of the weekend, if Noel's family didn't like me. How awkward would that be? I got off the plane and met his mum and him. Noel was in quite a bit of pain, so I tried to get out of the airport as quickly as I could, but no luck, as the Northwest people lost my luggage. I felt so bad for him and his mum. But of course there was nothing I could do. We filled out the lost luggage claim and were off to Noel's house.
Noel presented me with flowers at the airport and it made me feel so special. He spoils me so much and it just blows my mind. We got back to his house and I met his father and his sister and they both seem to be such nice people, his family all seems nice. Noel also bought me a bear and chocolates for Valentine's day.
It is so interesting for me to see Noel and his family interact. I mean my family and I interact nothing like what his family does. They actually sat down at the table and ate dinner, and they just seem to get along so well, unlike my family, but such as life.
Well will write more later, but I have luggage, and the world is good!



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