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I should probably write in here instead of going back to bed for that extra half hour of sleep. Right, that's better, I have my Sprite now and have good music playing. Now maybe I can write.
Yesterday was just one of those days. All the stuff I had to do started to overwhelm me so I took refuge in bed for a few hours. Then I got up and slowly got things done. I got all of my laundry done, and wrote my assignment for my group project for my theatre class. I studied moderately for my lit test but this could be a disaster. Oh well first exams usually are for me in my classes. I was lying in bed thinking, wondering. I was walking out to let Miss B out last night and a girl asked me, "How are you?" to which I replied, "Great thanks." I wonder why it is that I always seem to have to be great. Why can't I be crappy or tired, or depressed? I guess I put on a good act for the general public. That's not good, not at all, be cause then when I don't come through for them, or when I'm less than good, they wonder why? I don't think the average person I see on a daily basis knows how difficult it is for me to get out of bed in the mornings sometimes, but I think it's the nature of the thing.
I contacted ResNet yesterday and they do indeed have my scanner software, they conveniently forgot to call me to give it back so I told them they could drop it off and install it. They said they would do it today but I have my doubts. Oh well I will have to just keep ringing and ringing them. Eventually they'll get annoyed with me an just do it.
Anyway, I better get going, and get a shower in before class. Agenda for today?
* go to theatre class
* rush to take lit exam
* grab lunch
* go to cool child psych class
* come home and check on status of scanner installation
* dinner
* physics class
* study?
I really should study. We'll see. grin



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