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Birthdate:May 11
Location:United States of America
Who am I, anyway?
I live in a mid-sized college town in Ohio. I transferred here after attending a university in my home state for a year and a half, and after doing a year-long study abroad trip in Australia. I graduated with my B.A. with majors in Psychology and English, and a pre-law minor. I am almost finished with grad school for rehabilitation counseling. I also do volunteer work.
I am a Pagan, more specifically I consider myself a Witch. this means I worship the Goddess as well as the God. Please be respectful of my beliefs, as I am of yours. I respect all of my friends who have different religious beliefs.
things I talk about in my LJ?
Pretty much anything. Whether it be stuff happening in my life, things with my friends, interests of mine, Harry Potter and Alan Rickman, since I love both, a lot, I talk about travel, and I do travel quite a bit, since I love it so, an occasional Meme, etc.
What else?
I am blind, with a lovely guide dog, named Miss B. She's lovely, and she knows it. I also have a cat, affectionately nicknamed Kitty Wampus or da KW for short. Miss B. is also known as "da puppster".
Anything else to add?
Feel free to add me as a friend. Just comment on a public entry, as most of my stuff is friends-only.
Come on in! Kick off your shoes, and enjoy the ride!

Interests (153):

11/22/63, actavism, advocacy, africa, alan rickman, american revolution, andrea bocelli, anne bronte, artie lange, at home in mitford, australia, baseball, bbc, beethoven, bela karolyi, beth chapman, big papi, black hills, black labradors, blane wilson, book worms, books, boston, boston redsox, broadway musicals, canberra, celtic beliefs, charlotte bronte, chaucer, christine kane, clasical music, coffee, counseling, darfur, david beckham, debating, denzel washington, dick francis, disability rights, disability studies, disney movies, dog the bounty hunter, dogs, dropkick murphys, duane chapman, elaine silver, emilie dickinson, england, fan fic, fat joe, figure skating, fleetwood mac, flogging molly, football, goddess, greek mythology, greenbay packers, gregory rasputin, guide dogs, gymnastics, hanson, harry potter, hiking, history, independent living, indigo girls, intelligence, j k rowling, jamaica, jane austen, jann arden, jazz, jd drew, joe castiglione, joe jurevicius, john adams, jonathan papelbon, josh groban, kent state university, kevin youkilis, libraries, literature, luc longley, marta karolyi, melissa etheridge, michael jackson, middle eastern culture, middle eastern studies, morgan hamm, musical theatre, mythology, nfl, not dead yet, pagan, palestine, paul hamm, paul rusesabagina, paula cole, poetry, politics, pride and prejudice, r and b, rap, reading, red sox nation, rehab, religion, religious studies, robyn williams, roman mythology, romanov family, royalty, russia, russian literature, rwanda, sam adams, scott hamilton, sense and sensibility, severus snape, shopping, sidney, sioux falls, sleeping, soccer, south dakota, stephen king, stevie nicks, sudan, swimming, tabitha king, tea, terry francona, the beatles, the caribbean, the democratic party, the kennedy clan, the mists of avalon, the ocean, the outback, tom hanks, tori amos, traveling, walt whitman, washington dc, wicca, william shakespeare, wine, women's health, women's liberation, women's right to choose, women's studies, world music, writing
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