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Well I was infused with energy last night starting about two AM, very annoying really. I did some research on busses in the area and the services look good really. I think I might go to the Akron Mall today, I figure what the hell? That way I can find out how good the services actually are. I was talking to blind people on campus, asking them how good public transport was. Can you believe they don't use it? I was like Excuse me? Why not? *shakes head in puzzlement* So that's my fun for the day. Other blind people here call me brave, etc. I am confused by that. I don't know why trying the local bus service going to a mall is brave. Anyone feel free to comment on this phenomena.
When I finally drifted off to sleep, I had the wierdest dream. I had a dream that Justin, my ex's brother called me, telling me Jonathan didn't have a date for a particular charity event and could I go with him? He knew we weren't going out but he would be willing to pay me for my services. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I told him that I was sorry, I was going to do something else that evening and couldn't go. He offered me one million dollars to go but I said no, it just wouldn't work. By the time I woke up, the price was five million an hour, with a minimum of two hours. I was still saying no at that point. I actually woke up and heard myself say, "No dammit, I'm busy that night, I don't want your fucking money." Weird. No more pepsi for me after six PM. grin
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