Feb. 25th, 2003

Well something has been bothering me, so I might as well write about it here. It's the man from Pittsburg. He was truly an ass, and I didn't know what to think of him for a long time. Apparently he doesn't know what to think of me either. I will only do this once but I initiated communication with him via email. Mostly it was to pay him the money I owe him, but if he doesn't respond, then no money for him. Naw, I'll probably send him his money anyway, but it will be interesting to see if he wants to even talk to me after what happened. Interesting indeed.
Status of email from man from Pittsburg: Nonexistent. Could he really not want his money? *shakes head* no, couldn't get that lucky.
Overslept Anthropology class. Oh well, I will trade notes with the girl next to me since she didn't make Thursday's class.
Status of head? Hurts at the moment and no pain killers in sight. That's really too bad.
I actually got some studying done last night. My theatre book momentarily sucked me in, scary, very scary.
I need to move to a place where snow is a novelty and people can't drive in it. Arkansas perhaps? Perhaps not.
Ah vague answers are good. I went and said hi to Maurine but apparently she was too busy to talk to me so Betty and I left. She asked me as she always does, "What are you going to do," to which I replied, "Stuff." Just got an IM from her telling me she was not busy any more, and that I could come down now. To which I responded, "I'm busy." She asked, "Doing what?" I said, "Stuff." Wonder what she would have said if I had responded, "Looking at porn on the net, don't bother me." Or "Learning how to make bombs."
Status of email from P-Berg Man? Email received, very chatty and all info needed to send money has been given.
Likelihood I will respond? Probable, since he was not rude, maybe we can salvage this friendship, or keep on speaking terms. I really valued the friendship at one time, so maybe we can renew it. Only time will tell. Whatever happens happens.
Well this is not what I wanted to do but am thinking of transferring again. I just wanted to go some where and not have to worry and just finish my education, but that wasn't meant to be. I'm not happy here, not at all. I just want to scream. I talked to Noel, and he helped me out, trying to focus my mind, etc. I am looking at unis in Atlanta, Dallas and anywhere else warm. No actually for the moment Atlanta and Dallas. Oh god I don't want to do this again.



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